Build me a team pls, I have 150 k (read the description)

When u gonna do my team, use these players pls :
Werner,Jovic,Moore,Tarkowski, Da Costa, Ramsey and Esswein
Do me a squad pls <3


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    SuilueSuilue Posts: 21
    Formation: 4/2/2/2

    Left ST: Werner
    Right ST: Jovic
    Right COM: Esswein
    Left COM: Ramsey
    LB: EL Kolasinac
    Left CDM: Inform Gündogan
    Right CDM: Inform Havertz
    Left CB: Tarkowski
    Right CB: Rüdiger
    LB: da Costa
    GK: 87 Alisson

    152k, Havertz can be replaced for a Bundesliga/German CDM
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    SagaBartSagaBart Posts: 9
    edited June 2019
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    SagaBartSagaBart Posts: 9
    @Suilue I have Baines FlashBack, I use he or Kolasinac ?
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    SuilueSuilue Posts: 21
    Kolasinac gives Stronglink to Ramsey so he Comes on chemisty with Baines he only has a Orange Link, your decision. Ramsey 10chem or 7
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