TOTS Eder Militao or TOTS Telles at LB?

Ofcourse eder militao will be on 7 chem but is he better than telles at LB?
Especially for that back post crosses.


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 682

    Telles is better as LB. Militao can be played as FB of course but Telles is by far the best LB in the game. Also on Telles you can use any chemstyle you want. So if you want a more attacking player like in my case as i play with LWB then i gave him engine to improve his dribbling. I had him on anchor but that defensive and phyiscal boost does not matter.
    And the +5 pace is more like +7 or more when you have engine becuase you up the agility and it helps with turning etc etc.

    If possible to have both with Militao at CB it is a great pairing. Only thing with Militao is that he would need something like Guardian to boost his interceptions.

    Telles will win headers as much as Militao. But you get the awesome passing/crossing and even good shooting with Telles.

    Also as Militao is so much more expensive that makes Telles a muuuuch better value.

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