Bernardo93Bernardo93 Posts: 4
Should i spend around 100k and some players of my club to do Pires 92? He would play as left CAM in 4231


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    Yes he is amazing for me 378 games 311 goals 88 assists
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    BrdaanielBrdaaniel Posts: 73
    Well , everone have a different opinion, but for me Hes too slow, stats wise looks very good, but I end up using him in a SBC . Even Richarlison ones to watch it is much better than him. Dont spend your coins, the market now its crazy, you can buy players very cheap, just go and have a look.
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    I have not personally used him but i have faced him a few times and he has never been good vs my team. Does not seem to be a as lethal as ICONS usually are.

    I would think Giggs is waay better. I have used Giggs and he is amazing. Even will be able to win the ball for you in the midfield. I used him as a CM in my team before when i had him for a while. Also a great supersub. ALso i see people using Nedved and i think you will get more out of him than Pires.

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