Suggestions to fill the last 2 slots (or replace players to improve this squad)..

GanjaGanduGanjaGandu Posts: 7
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This is the squad i currently have with the empty slots

Platform: PS4

Oblak and griezmann are untradable (as are torres and iniesta ofc)

i also have 260k (edit: should be about 400k after all sells are done) coins left on top of this squad, so if needed i can sell and do some upgrades on some positions (most likely kondogbia or maybe lala or even costa (altho i like costa combination with torres))

any help is appreciated thanks.. would like to keep this formation as is


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    Also just to add for more info

    based on the players i have on transfer list that havent sold just yet , i should have about 390 to 400k in total

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    any suggestions would help

    im currently thinking perhaps a jordi alba/umtiti , or varane/marcelo duo

    dunno if im missing any better upgrades at 400k?

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    JH07JH07 Posts: 15
    I would say upgrade kondogbia to maybe a casemiro or europa league kondogbia and also hernandez to varane Umtiti or maybe fbday hernandez( however when I used him he felt too small and got bullied in the air
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    UEL kondogbia has been a beast

    both the hernandez brothers (lucas and theo birthday) seemed to get bullied in the air considerably

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