Tots Dumfries or TOTS Mbabu?

Considering Mbabu just cost me 30k is it worth spending the extra 300k on dumfries?
Cuz he’ll be on full chem (van dijk) and mbabu is on 8.


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    Personally I didn't like Dumfries, I have tots Da Costa on RB and he is so much better.

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    Dumfries is incredible for me as he’s tall, strong and really all around just the perfect RB while I didn’t get along with Mbabu
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
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    If Mbabu is not being good for you then you can try some other RB's.
    But if he is doing a good job for you i can assure you that Dumfries wont be any better.

    The only + side for dumfries is that you dont need to up his physical so you can try a few other chemstyles. With Mbabu you need to give him setninel, anchor etc.

    So you can keep Mbabu and put the coins on something else.

    Also if anyone wants a great defensive cheap RB then Almeida is amazing. With Shadow he gets the speed boost needed and is amazing.

    Seriously go and try Andre Almeida with shadow and you will be amazed. His passing is Great gets many assists with crossing, 91 aggression with HIGH def workrate.
    His agility and balance are only negative things but i can assure you that he feels to have more agility and balance than the stats suggest. Not that he is a great dribbler but he does well in dribbling when needed. He also has the reactions and ball control which help loads.
    185cm+ players need 85+ jumping and they are hard to beat in the air.

    So if you find Mbabu to lack a bit in defensive then try Almeida and see how he does for you.
    For me Almeida is better than my Valencia, Lala tots(red) and Buraik.

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
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    I should add that with Almeida you can strong link him with Bruno Fernandes who is one of the best. It is a cheaper slightly more brown Reus. But better beause he can defend good as well.

    You can use Fernandes as CDM/CM/CAM/CF. I have seen people use him as ST as well and doing great. I play him mostly CAM and he is sensational. He scores all sort of goals and because he has such great stats 90+ on so many important stats. His WF does not matter cause of the high stats he can score easily with left foot.

    Put sniper on him to boost balance+agility and give him 99 finishing then he is amazing at finishing with his left as well. Without finishing boost his left foot finesse shots are not as good but his long shots and regular shooting is mental with both feet. I use engine on him just for the small boost of pace and full passing stats as i use him for corners as well. (tried many chem but for how i play engine suited him best and sniper as well.)

    For the coins you got you can pair the 2 of them together and you got yourself a top notch midfielder and RB.

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