My Pack Luck :(


I've done 3 OTW guarantees And I've Got:
1 Inui
2 Clyne
3 Mariano



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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    why did you do them? Unless you had untradeables.
    I did the tradeable one because i got OTW babel in my free ultimate pack and players to do the sbc for free. Then sold Inui for 20k.

    These OTW packs are the worst ever and been the worst since the start. Especially at this point there is no OTW useable apart from Ronaldo of course.
    There are no good OTW players that are useable. Mainly because the few who are good already have other special cards you can buy which are miles better obv. Most are not upgraded since lack of IF's.

    There is actually no point in doing it unless you had untradeables to do the tradeable one for free then sell the one you packed for people draining coins and buying OTW's from market.

    Dont do these they are poopoo

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    RoninXRoninX Posts: 112

    Be sure, you are not the only one.
    Sincere condolences.

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    RoninXRoninX Posts: 112
    edited July 2019

    @ihatetay said:

    Couldnt be said better.

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    LacalacabossLacalacaboss Posts: 264
    > @RoninX said:
    > @ihatetay said:
    > Couldnt be said better.

    Yup best player from ten and only one more than 82 was malcolm
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    dimi3dimi3 Posts: 18
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    Did the untradable OTW SBC about 8 times, best was 82 Fred back to back, which is the reason I stopped doing them

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    SlebbertjeSlebbertje Posts: 10
    I dus 30 untradeble ones. Getting tyred of alle the wu lei's i'm on 10 Times lei now
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    cakedinmudcakedinmud Posts: 125

    Its all luck, and that's about it, why do you think you deserve more luck than anyone or equal to anyone else?

    I hope you have the sanity not to buy FIFA points

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