Futchamps rewards

Anyone know what’s for player pick rewards today


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    dimi3dimi3 Posts: 18

    No idea, some people have said it will just be players from past TOTWs

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    RoninXRoninX Posts: 112
    edited July 2019

    Got a TOTS Bundesliga (Süle 90 CB) - which I could need, then I was able to sell my bought (for 150k) one for 290k today.

    the other two were: Pizzi 93 (also a TOTS) and a 86er-ST (cannot remember more info)

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    its good that they keeping TOTS picks as you only get 2-3 picks every week from all TOTS is great.

    I got Telles and was able to sell his tradeable i had so that was great. Also Busquets for my Rivaldo SBC only got 2 left and with market crashed as it is i will be able to complete it very cheap now.

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