Cam until 550k?

I need an icon to link my team in the cam position, and I don't know who to use...
Maybe 92 del piero?


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    Whats your formation?

    Ive liked baggios card a lot, used his base and mid and both seemed good value for money

    never tried piero so i cant say

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    ZoharbarZoharbar Posts: 27
    4-2-3-1 promes futties RAM ribery eoae LAM suarez 93 ST vieira baby and fernandibho tots CDM's and in the defence telles 93, luiz flashback 89, marquinhos tots 95, dumfries tots and ederson tots
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
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    All the icon CAM's are great. The short icon CAM's are very very similar. The most beast is Sócrates and Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. Although i would say Rivaldo is better at ST than CAM.

    What is it you lack in the team and what sort of player you want and yadi yada and budget.

    Apart from the 4 fantasy players like pele,eusebio etc. I have tried all the other CAM's of ICONS and most of the CM/CDM as well.

    Baggio is good but Del piero is better cause he is much more clinical with high composure and 5*WF.

    But you can get Sócrates middle and save up a bit and you can get his prime or Ronaldinho base who both will be godlike for you(Sócrates a bit more).
    But also Rivaldo will be fantastico. His moments card is not too expensive and oh my god what a player. People are not using him because 2WF but wow they are missing out because he is one of the best in the game that WF does not matter firstly cause of the high stats + trait of not using WF. But also with such awesome ball control and dribbling that he has in game you can easily set him up on his left. I have hawk and play him ST and he is killing everyone. He would be great at CAM as well.
    He is also big and strong and never gets pushed off his balance or nothing. If any good player uses him he would be lethal for them. Much better than many who have 5
    WF even.

    So if you can Sócrates, Ronaldinho or Rivaldo. If you cant get any of them then go for Del Piero i would say.

    I play mainly Sócrates moments as CAM after trying all different ones it was between Ronaldinho middle or Sócrates i went for Sócrates and i ruined many defenders since then. He also is quite good at winning the ball back and can even be put as a CM weirdly enough. One of the best players in the game for sure.

    It is worth saving up for one of the better CAM's as they add so much more than any other icon cams even del piero dont match them.

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    ZoharbarZoharbar Posts: 27
    Del piero's 60 balance don't annoying you?
    And you tried 93 sergio aguero as st maybe?
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
    edited July 2019

    Yes it can be a bit of a problem because he is not strong either. He is 66 balance btw. But his middle verison has more balance. Engine will cure that problem a bit. He is pretty awesome dribbler though so you usually just can dink past players hence why he can work even with low balance and strength.
    But try to get one of the beasts end game CAM's i have mentioned above.

    Generally shorter players have good balance. But if they also lack strength it can be an issue.
    Also lets say a player has 90 balance but 50 strength. He will still be pretty strong because of good balance. He wont push anyone off but he wont be easily pushed over.
    Same goes the other way, if someone has 90 strength but 50 balance their strength will keep them from getting pushed off balance.

    Hence why i suggest you go for one of the beasts instead that i mentioned.
    Because all the other CAM's have bad physical and lack bits here and there. Laudrup, Hagi, Zola, Baggio, Del piero, Nakata, Litmanen all are waay too similar. All are good but not fantastic.
    Scholes is better than them because he is so clinical with his shooting and passing. Not a dribbler though. Lampard can also be used at CAM. He is physically strong and can win you the ball. He also wins headers really well. If you dont need a dribbler or can play with players who are not dribblers then he is mental!

    But try to get Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Sócrates instead as they are end game players and will improve your team waaay more than the other CAM's. Oh i forgot Cruyff is also great as CAM because he is sick at dribbling and clinical with his shooting. But he lacks the physical of the brazilian magicians.

    I have only played with Aguero in some drafts and he is pretty good. If you thinking of changing Suarez for Aguero i would say Aguero is gonna be better. Aguero 93 is great if you can get him.

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    ZoharbarZoharbar Posts: 27
    Socrates mid looks ok and I have a budget of 600k, I need to swap my currently CAM, messi, who is fantastic for chemistry 'cause I brought promes...
    Is one of them till 600k better than messi?
    If not, aguero can be striker and it wil give me the chemistry I need but suarez is untreadable and without the money from messi I have 400k.
    Although, aguero's physicality is ok? 'cause my other attackers are not very physical
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    If it is normal messi then switch him out for Sócrates. In elite Fut champs against good opponents i have never had Messi be a threat. ON the other hand i see a lot of the good players using Sócrates/ronaldinho and those players are hard to contain.

    I dont know why but this year Messi is not being used that much. Of course he still has great cards and will be good for any team but seems to not be as clinical as he used to be. I am comparing to of course the other top players. Players like Sócrates are one of the best shooters in the game. I have tried his middle, prime and moments and they all are fantastic at shooting and great at dribbling for a tall man. Best dribbler out of the tall players. Strong and holds onto the ball brilliantly. Wins headers and good passing. 5*WF you can shoot from anywhere and score.

    Aguero is good physically because he has high balance and decent strength. He would be great as ST.

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    ZoharbarZoharbar Posts: 27
    For the record, messi is brilliant for me, he passes all the defenders and score superbly, a lot of people do'nt use him because he has low stamina (72) but I can handle this with my supersubs.
    Socrates seems quite good but... His finishing is 9 less tham messi, less speed, less balance by far which is important and more, but he is taller and 5*WF.
    It will be hard to me to sell messi cause he is superb for me...
    Can the mid replace him perfectly and I won't feel the little downgrades that he might have or I can just buy aguero but I'll be out of money "in the side" because that
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    There is nothing wrong with Messi of course. It is the overall do it all end game clinical players like Sócrates etc just have a bit more. Hence why i dont see Messi that much. Not that he is still not one of the better cards in the game. He can still be used to punish many defences.

    But a few things: Finishing is still high enough with great composure. Also shot power is a big plus.+Volley shooting with 5*WF he is waaay more clinical than Messi. Balance is no issue, engine chem gives him enough balance and you forget he is STRONG. Which is always helpful with balance. Messi is weak but he has great balance hence why he is hard to push over. Same goes the other way, strong player will be harder to push over. You dont see Zlatan falling over all over the place do you? Or your defenders?

    Also with engine he gets enough pace boost. You can also put different chemstyle if you want 95+ pace on him. He is obviously not a poacher or a winger.

    But if you can not play different styles and need small players with 90+ pace and agility then of course get players that match that. Aguero fits that bill of course.

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