What is the best team with Flashback sturridge and Ibra for under 100k


Pls build a squad for me! Im lovin Ibra but cant think of not using sturridge, if u could fit in lucas or wilfred zaha (futmas) in there as well it would be amazing, not having the best of budgets after all of there SBCs

  1. What team is the best of these7 votes
    1. Sturridge + Ibra = God team
    2. Ibra does it alone
    3. All of these players (sturridge + Ibra + Futmas Zaha + Lucas) will make a meta team


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    it's hard to link all these players in one squad on 10 chem.
    with only sturridge and Ibra u can go 4-3-2-1 with Alessandrini to link Ibra and then build a Premier League Team around it, probably like this: https://www.futbin.com//19/squad/5576832
    u can of course switch your ingame formation to 2 ST with Ibra & Sturridge in front. :)

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