Flashback David Luiz or 90 Van Dijk?

I’m having a big dilemma and i need your help guys. I’ve had an untradable VVD for a veery long time, i got him in an SBC when you could get a team of the week player and i was very fortunate to get him. Eventually he got upgraded to 90 and he has been an absolute beast for me, saved me so many times that i’ve lost count.
Long story short, i felt in the last couple
of weeks that he’s getting a little bit slow compared to all those 99 pace strikers that you could have right now. This is the only downside for him as his defensive and physical stats are insane.
David Luiz on the other hand is one of those CBs that i always struggled to play against and i know he is good, one of the best probably, but just how good compared to 90 VVD? I can do him for 0 coins but i will have to use some high rated players which is not a big problem because all those players are unusable.
My other CB is 93 Puyol who has his downsides (height, dribbling and passing) but i’ve learnt to deal with those. His pace isn’t as the stats suggest, he is fast enough and he feels faster than VVD even with anchor chem style.
So my question is what would you guys do and how good is flashback David Luiz?


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    AhmedalirvpAhmedalirvp Posts: 238
    FlashBack David luiz is by far the best CB I have used in this game for value of money.
    Than comes Icons.
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    LacalacabossLacalacaboss Posts: 264
    I actually use David luiz at cdm in 41212(2)
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