Can someone build me a team? Please I really can't do it by myself


So I just found Neymar TOTS in my player pick and I want him to fit in my team....
Platform: PC
Budget: 200 k, but I can sell the tradeable players in the section below.
Min chemistry: 100, but max 3 players can be on 8 chem
Formation: Any to start but 4231 to play
Players that must be in: My untradeables
Untradeable players: TOTS Neymar, TOTS Bernardo Silva, TOTS Thauvin, TOTS Quagliarella, TOTS Rice, TOTS Izzo, RTTF Florenzi, TOTS Donnarumma, Flashback David Luiz.
Tradeable players: RTTF Aurier, OTW Felipe Anderson, gold Kante, TOTS Ederson

Thank you so much in advance, I know it's not simple to fit all the players so thanks to who is going to lose any time trying this. :)

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