Robben yes or no

Should I get this end of an era robben he would play right cam in a 4231 with cavani and neymar other cams and jovic up front


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 422

    Why not? I was thinking of doing him just now but i got fed up doing the SBC's so i bailed and just sold all the tradeable high rated i had.

    He is fantastic but i recently did Rivaldo SBC so i already have a similar player and looking at my teams i wouldnt play Robben that much. Would become expensive super-sub for me.

    But if you can fit him into your team and cutting in from the right side then yes he is lethal. I mean this might be the last time you can get a proper Robben super card. I would say go for it and play him as in the future you might never get to play with this legend.

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    RoninXRoninX Posts: 112
    edited July 12

    Yes I can def recommend him, too.
    I used him for 433-4 in 479 matches (DR and WL, 150 goals and 106 assist) [Note: I am only a really very average player].
    In my opinion his merits are:

    • quite precise crosses
    • long shots out side the boxes
    • speed and pass stats

    But: he is getting rather often injured.

    ATM he is sitting on the bench because of TOTS-Sancho. But maybe he should return to the starting 11, since he threating me with retirement. Somehow I have the felling he fits better to my game play.

    I made his SBC at the first release and paid 1.2 million, but I never felt this was wasted money.
    And now the SBC price is about 500k.

    Do it!

    And you can show later your grandchildren this card ;)

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    yrbdannyyrbdanny Posts: 12
    no weakfoot
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    RoninXRoninX Posts: 112

    @yrbdanny said:
    no weakfoot

    depends on your play style, maybe you do not need it ... do you?

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    yrbdannyyrbdanny Posts: 12
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