Can anyone help me with improvement?


Hi Guys,
Although im pretty pleased with this squad, it just works, i still have a the feeling i can improve a bit.. Also curious to what anyone would suggest:) Thanks in advance

Platform: PS4
Budget: 95k
Min chemistry: 100 + min 8 per player
Formation: 4222 prefer or any other if needed

Players that must be in: Well, let's say you have free hand.... otherwise erikssen ucl, aurier ucl, david luiz fb and van dijk and Douglas Costa birthday

Untradeable players (optional): Which isnt.. Look at the link, probably better to name the tradeables; Aguero, Son IF, Fernandinho IF, Aurier ucl, David de Gea, Felipe Luis ucl

Description: Describe what you want in short:

  • quick forwards with banger shots, but a bit strong
  • Strong midfield
  • No starting XI with Iniesta fb (he's just to weak to start with)

I'm willing to sell players like Aguero, De Gea, Luis and if needed Son... i wont sell Aurier he is just a beast... And i think Fernandinho is also a great player to play with..
If i sell them, among with a couple of other players i think budget will rise till 350k..

I'm looking forward to it :smiley:

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