Can someone give advice please

Does anyone have advice on how to improve my team? Budget: 100k untradeables are Militao, Neto, Kovacic, David Luiz, De bruyne.

Thanks in advance

Pre game:
During game:


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    humamfahumamfa Posts: 5

    Here are some of my suggestions:
    RB: Bellerin -> RTTF Aurier
    GK: Neto -> Alisson OTW (up to you but I used Neto and he is bad for me)

    Also I think Jovic is better at ST, but I don't know who can replace Rebic at LAM

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    dzynKdzynK Posts: 21
    Aurier is better
    Alisson OTW was good for me but now there are better options for sure
    Jovic is very good
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    Ok thx
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