Anyone planning to continue to play FIFA 19 or are you planning to get or ditch FIFA altogether?

cakedinmudcakedinmud Posts: 125
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As the title says

  1. What is your plans?10 votes
    1. Continuing with FIFA 19
    2. Buying FIFA 20
    3. Ditching eSports altogether
    4. Two minds


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    Even though fifa 19 is so shit, right now there is a much bigger chance that i’ll continue playing at least for some time.

    When fifa 20 comes out, i’ll watch the gameplay on youtube for a month or two, if i hear positive things about it and if some things change, then i’ll consider buying it. Right now i’m so pissed with EA that i think there’s no need for me to loose my mind again over a game, it’s just not worth it...
    The only thing i’m sure of is that i won’t pay the full price for this shit game to a shit company like EA is. I’ll probably wait for the price to drop to around 30€.
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    dzynKdzynK Posts: 21
    I will continue play Fifa19 sometimes and play CoD and all the other games.. this was my first and last fifa.. i dont want to waste my time again in a broken game
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    cakedinmudcakedinmud Posts: 125

    The thing is that FIFA 19 took a heck a lot of my time up, that is why I'm in two minds at the moment, otherwise I would do so

    I am thinking of starting a personal project which I've got to concentrate on getting up

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