Need advice and help for an new Team to build

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Platform: PS4

Budget: around 1.800.000

Min chemistry: 100

Formation: No special formation required

Players that must be in: all Untradebles and MAYBE (not required) TOTS Allan (91) and UCL Live Fabinho (91), to Link Up Alex Sandro

Untradeable players: TOTS Bernardo Silva (94); Futtie SBC Kyle Walker (93); TOTS Toby Alderweireld (93); Flashback SBC Alex Sandro (93); TOTS Alisson (95)
(to look up in:

Description: First I must say, I'm not the best squad builder and i don't know, which players are god tier and which not, thats why i need some advices. :wink:
So, after the market was going crazy today, i sold my team and want to building up a new one. Maybe one of you has some nice building tips and recommendation for some players or some must player picks :smile:
I am grateful for any help and thank you in advance.

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