Pls help and build me a squad, if you wanna ask me more, my PSN is hallo12hallo38

Platform: PS4
Budget: 400,000
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: Any
Players that must be in:
Untradeable players (optional): Neymar Tots, Torres, Iniesta Flashback, Socratés 89, Mendy Futtie, Richarlison Futtie, Lloris Carniball, Dani Alves Flashback
Description: I want a squad with 2 defesnsive Midfielders and 4 offensive players, thx ;)


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    GK - Lloris

    LB - Mendy

    CB - Davinson Sanchez 91 & Laporte tots

    RB - Alves

    CM(left to right) - kante gold, Sissoko tots & neymar

    LW - Felipe Anderson Otw

    ST - Richarlison

    RW - Gabriel Jesus MOTM

    Cost - 385.000
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