so i was wondering who is better?


Is it:

prime moments Desailly
prime moments Puyol
prime moments Cannavaro

My team for further thinking of what to pick, one of these picks will replace Sergio Ramos, feel free to inform me of any upgrades :)

  1. Who's better?7 votes
    1. prime moments Desailly
    2. prime moments Puyol
    3. prime moments Cannavaro


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 614

    Blanc and Cannavaro are a great pairing. I was bored at work around the time the Cannvaro SBC came out and i did it even though i did not need him and eventually was saving for other players.
    But i did not regret it he was fantastic. The only bad thing was his ball control and passing. at first i used to use engine to give him better dribbling+control. But then i gave him catalyst to boost his vision as he cost me too much in passing. so katalyst is the better chemstyle. If you however dont use passing style and play very safe easy passing or long passing with your CB then engine is better.

    Even though i do rate players like Moore to be overall better than Cannavaro the main thing defenders like Moore and Cannavaro can do is keep up with anyone doing the croquettas etc etc. They are agile and with high interception etc etc they will go around and intercept the balls so easily.
    Moore is by far one of the best to intercept and Cannavaro is up there as well. Though i found using Cannavaro more aggressivley was better.
    With the high jumping, aggression, strength and reactions combined with agility and balance, the way he can wiggle around and get to to win headers is great. This combination is far more useful than just having a tall player. If however a tall player has the same great stats in those areas they will be a tad better in the heading department.

    Hence why Blanc is so great with engine. Engine is one of the best chemstyles for CB's. Generally getting a CB to get more reactions, ball control(very important), agility(for turning quickly and keeping up with directional changes), Balance(helps keep them on their feet and reach more balls)

    Puyol is MASSIVLEY underrated in this game. It is such a shame, one of the best ever CB spain has produced with Hierro. Ramos is nowhere near as good as either of them.
    But man it was so sad to see the terrible dribbling and passing stats on Puyol...i mean he played in Barca at the height of their tikkitakka football...he could pass and dribble.
    FIFA stats are done by kids who know nothing unfortnuatley.

    but get Cannavaro and you will be very happy. Or Moore with shadow is also fantastic.

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    Moore is great
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