Anybody have the FIFA 20 beta (Long Read)

I've been playing FIFA the past 5 years and never got a beta code. This year is a different story but I feel it's the worst year me to finally get this. I don't know about you guys but I really hated FIFA 19. I'm a defender more so than I am an attacker and if you are like me you know this game does not reward you for your defensive efforts. I'm in Div 3 in fifa 19 and average any where from 7 to 15 tackles a game and get beat constantly by opponents that average around 3. Anyways I've been playing FIFA 20 recently and I've played some games online. I think this game is different but very much the same. This totally disappoints me and the shooting doesnt seem like its as broken as it was this year, but the gameplay is just too similar to Fifa 19. The AI still helps out defensively (which suck for manual defenders like me) and kick off is still alive and breathing. I know this is just a beta but I'm really not liking what I see so far. With that being said there is a silver lining to this game. I absolutely love Volta and thats really all I've been playing on this game. Maybe its due to the fact that Nothing I do on UT will translate to the real game. But the gameplay is so funner than UT. They have a gamemode called Rush which is either a 3v3 or a 4v4 with no Goalkeeper which Basketball fans will love. But even Volta has some problems. One of which is the fact that it is set up just like pro clubs. There is no packs or anything to grind towards besides the player you make and I don't like that. They should be making this like Ultimate team because when/if UT fails, they can have another gamemode that caters to the UT fanbase. Am I the only one who is kind of burned out on Ultimate team? This volta game mode is awesome but I wont play it too long if the only thing I can grind towards is a Fake player. I want to make my own team with my favorite players from real life. I would love to hear what you guys think because I'm no too confident I'll being playing this next Fifa like I did this year.


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    The thing is as long as the casino fifa points are still allowed in most countries they will keep the game scripted. Hence it does not matter how much they work on the game to improve the flaws it will always be scripted and that is the biggest flaw.

    Most of the players would not mind a few flaws...but the main thing is that the game is not manual. It is as auto as it can be...many things are just upto the AI to do for you. Hence why you need the best of the best team to be competitive. They will never allow the game to be with more manual passing and shooting. So many players are just not good enough to aiming their passes with good precision and shots. They would fail even with the best players in their team.
    Hence why abusing broken mechanics is the only way to be at the top.

    The game is the least competitive game ever. It lures players into thinking they are good whilst they defintley are not. If you look at the wider range of skill gaps in most competitive games then you will realise why FIFA is the only one with scripting. No other competitive game has a benefit of buying lootboxes in their casino. But in FIFA buying chips to open packs is gonna help you by getting you the chance for better players or coins to buy one of the better ones. Because skills does not matter as much as which players you got.
    Also the reason why they need to keep the bad players playing by helping them etc.

    Many people who are reaching gold3/2 would become silver players because in reality they are not good if the game was more manual. Hence the more auto defending etc.

    The game will make a mistake for you even though you have not made it. You will succeed with something even though you have made a mistake. No other game does this.
    For an example a shooting game...if i shoot aiming at head whilst not moving the bullet will go there exactly. But if i aim it just to the left the bullet wont magically turn and go to his head or vice versa. But FIFA does this all the time.

    So FIFA will only improve once the casino is banned from it. Then FUT would become more skill based and fun in grinding as there will be no need for scripting anymore to keep players attached to the game.

    So FIFA 20 will be as FIFA 19 is...just nerfing the skill moves is all they have done with slight changes here and there that wont have the big effect of changes most want.

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    Your totally right about having to posses the meta players to win in this FIFA. But I don't expose the game mechanics and maybe that's why I'm frustrated. I just have fun and play my way and I should be rewarded as equally as the mechanic exposers. EA better figure out that people are more outraged than ever about this game. They really don't get that the power is with us and we want something entirely different. They've failed so far with FIFA 20 in my book. I mean I understand the majority of their consumers are kids that get on this game maybe 3 times a week and need AI help. But seriously would nobody pefer to blame themselves for conceding a goal and not the game? I suck at shooting but I can lock somebody down on defense. I should be able to win by playing great defense but this game has made my kryptonite the guy that has 30 passes with every player and 2 tackles. So much more often that not I get beat by those guys and it's only because they make the game so unbearable for me. It's so boring playing this Fifa and FIFA 20's UT because people expose game mechanics. I should be able to play a certain way that I like and it should be just as effective as any other way in the game. I just really don't like EA and I'm Rockstar Games for life. But I'm also a Soccer fan and that's why this really sucks
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