Choosing a cb to play alongside VVD

I have got a very good team. However, lately my 95 ramos isn't doing well since his hight is not that tall so so many players can jump and get the ball into my net. I started to think of having another CB to replace him. This is what my squad looks like:
Gk is courtoa (sorry for the spelling),
Cb are vvd 96 and ramos 95,
Rb arnold,
Lb playing with Arias,
Veira, fred as CDMs.
CAMs are Salah, hazard 97, henry onyachoro (spelling sorry)
St is eusebio 93 .

Thinking in replacing ramos with another beast CB ( toty varane, maldini 95, de light 95, blanc 92, desaly 90 are all options) what do you think guys? I would appreciate any help thx.
  1. Best cb for this team to play alongside VVd2 votes
    1. Maldini 95
    2. Blanc 92
    3. Toty varane
    4. Desaly 90
    5. De light 95
    6. Stay with ramos 95
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