I'll build you a squid

Just give me the list \o/

Platform: PS4\XBOX ONE\PC
Budget: 200,000
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: Any or mention a specific formation
Players that must be in: Neymar, Messi
Untradeable players (optional): Mention which current untradeable players you own
Description: Describe what you want in short


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    i like squids
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    FinickyMonk563FinickyMonk563 Posts: 11
    edited August 2019
    Build me pls a squad
    Platform:Xbox one
    Budget:1,1 million
    Min chem:100
    Formation:any with 4 defenders
    Players that must be in: any
    Untradeable players:aouar tots,kimpembe futties
    I want hybrid with good players in attack for wl
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