Need help with new team


Platform: Xbox One
Budget: 209,000
Chemistry: 100 (with all players on 10)
Formation: 4-1-2-1-2 (2)
Players that must be in: Gold Telles, Flashback Casillas, IF Eder Militao, Europa League Mathieu, (Europa League Pizzi I kind of want him in my team but its ok if you don't put him in) (I have all these player except for Pizzi)

Untradeable Players: SIF Mahrez, POTM Lucas, Fut Swap, Guilavogui, IF Batshauyi, IF Wijnaldum, Gold Fekir

Description: I am a Benfica fan so that is why I kinda want Pizzi. Also I don't really like Gabriel Jesus on this game so if you use Mahrez with the team don't use Jesus


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