MY starter team

Sorry you have all been asked this millions of times already. But any good starter teams. I try to avoid prem as it's very over priced I feel. I also enjoy using big players. Giroud. Diego Costa. Willian Jose. Ect. Any ideas greatly appreciated


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    Sander Berge looks like a cheap beast
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
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    Swedish team at least in the front if you like big players then you got a fast A.Isak and then the big man Ibra. You got Quaison and Forsberg who are solid as well as CAM/CF. In defence you can go for agile and strong defenders.

    This fifa headers are not as meta at all, but players like Ibra will still be winning headers, especially against FB's etc. Cavani is a beast in the demo with his strength and heading ability. Also decent dribbling and he is fantastic. Ibra will be unstoppable with his 5*skills and strength.

    You need a quick striker and Ibra does not have many links...not a fan of MLS apart from Nani, Ibra and Rooney. So Isak will be great for that speed going in behind.

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