Prognosis, sell or keep, what to do now?!


No one will be able to tell you with a good chance that a price or any kind of prognosis is going to occur.
So pls stop asking about "keep or sell" things. Instead you can learn from past!

First you have to know that prices will drop over a larger time horizon. SBCs or special events can change prices at any time, you won't be able to change that fact.
If you want to know what will happen with your player xy, just have a look at the fifa 19 price charts. With the early access we had on playstation now, you should
relate on the Xbox prices. Just watch at the charts between the early access, the release and the following weeks. Also watchout the weekend league pricedumps.

You will see that the price at the beginning of a season is in most of the cases the highest. Also you'll notice that players under 85 are just overpriced in the first release days.
So sell them now and don't invest in 83 strikers that cost 20k! You are going to have a bad time if you do.

The icon-business changed completely. With the new icon swaps there is no change to predict what will happen, so be careful.

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