Too many Duplicates & Goalkeepers as my 83+ in Packs!


I've been trying to build a decent Squad, but all but 2 of my Walkout or 83+ players are Goalkeepers or duplicates of the outfield couple I've got. I was hoping the Pack contents would be more varied & balanced than last year. Has anyone else had same issue? Last year I swore I wasn't going to bother with FUT this year because of the fact I NEVER packed a Special Ed Card except IF's, except Klosé Icon in 1st week.
I've had 3 Iago Aspas ST duplicates, & GK's - 2 Navas, 3 Casillas, 2 Cillesen... God knows how many other GK dupes.


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    I can't say I've experienced the same bro but maybe it is an issue or maybe just bad luck bro

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    Thanks, but it's happened for 3 years running now. I wonder if it's a way of trying to ensure that all players aren't lacking in goal... but they just don't stop coming. 2 K.Navas, 2 Buffon, 4 K. Cassilas. What is going on?....

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