Best Two centrebacks and goal keeper who’s link together?

Need two centre backs and a goalkeeper who link together and are under 150k


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
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    N.Stark(or Pavard)-L.Hernandez-Neuer

    Akanji if budget allows instead of Stark or Pavard. Or you could get a cheaper keeper like Trapp and go Akanji - L.Hernandez.

    Goalkeeper is one area you can sacrifice for better outfield players and upgrade keeper later on because many mid 80 rated GK's are very solid and you will gain more by having a top CB than a top keeper and worse CB.

    Stark is really solid even with basic chemstyle he gets good boost in all areas. But with anchor he becomes a more defensive rock. Has the passing and vision as well as decent dribbling stats and agility for jockeying with good speed.

    Akanji and Hernandez are one of the toughest pairing i have come up against and i would say that pairing is worth it and if you can add Neuer to those 2 you have a solid defence.
    Also some good fullbacks in bundesliga to link up with those CB's. Schulz gives strong link to Akanji. Piszcek as always is also a good starter RB.

    Bundesliga is a good way to go. Overall cheaper for same or better quality players than other top leagues.

    If you however might want to do something different you can go with Marquinhos-Militao with Navas as keeper with Marcelo to link with Militao etc etc.

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