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    INSamiYTINSamiYT Posts: 2
    edited January 2019
    I use the 433 (4) its overpowerd this year
    But in FUT Champions i use the 41212 narrow or the 4312
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    WestyHammer81WestyHammer81 Posts: 3
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    I have been tearing it up with the 3-5-2 formation, keep your tactics as balanced on both,
    Defence - balanced
    Depth and width between 5-7
    Offensive Balanced
    Width 5-7
    Players in box -6/7
    Corners - 3
    Free kicks - 3


    ST's - stay forward, get in behind
    CAM - Free role
    CDM 1 - set one as Cut passing lanes and stay back on attack and cover centre
    CDM 2 - set as Man Mark, cover centre
    Wingers - come back on defence
    CB's - Leave as they are.

    Won about 12 games in a row today on that.
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    How can you have tactics against scripted games?

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    > @cakedinmud said:
    > How can you have tactics against scripted games?

    Grow up fella, every thread. Yes you’re losing your games. It’s nobodies fault but yours, we’ve all had losing streaks, we adapt.

    In answer to OP, I’ve been doing really well with 442(2)-
    Full backs set to stay back while attacking and overlap (to make sure they don’t drift into the middle of the pitch)
    Right cdm set to stay back, cover center
    Left cdm to balanced, cover center
    Wingers come back on defence
    Strikers get in behind
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    I play in Div 2 with a skill rating of 2250/2300 - I have a simple answer for you, leave all your tactics alone ! simply have a few different formations set up with defensive / attacking etc and have a field day.

    I always have:

    ultra defensive > 4-5-1
    Defensive > 4-2-3-1
    Balanced> 4-3-3
    Attacking > 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow)

    Always use 41212 narrow to counter 4231 if you come up against an absolute sweat fest

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