In fifa 19 I’d declare myself as a good fifa player, won 75% of the matches and where in div 2. But in fifa 20 i am literally stuck in div 8 and keep losing even tho I always have a double amount of chances as the opponent. I am a skiller and I’m horrible at defending for the moment, I need to know the strats! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!


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    Yo buddy I'm a div 3 player right now record is somewhere around 40-10-15 and I use an eredivisie team I use my Left Trigger (LT) to block off the pass lines and don't rush wait for the moment they make a mistake and then you push this is what I use and it has worked for me hope this will work for you aswell!
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    homer2homer2 Posts: 187

    I'm Alright At Defending But My Bro Is Still Getting Used To It So What He Did Was Play 5-2-1-2 And Never Defend With His CB'S
    (Never Pull Them Out Of Position)

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    Sorry to say but you are not a good fifa player. Unfortunatley with all the automation it makes bad players play better and in fifa 19 the worst of the worst would be able to win vs top players because of the broken mechanics and the abuse of it. Even though they cant aim their passes or shots or manually defend.
    I am happy that defending is more manual this year and increases the skill gap. The automation in passing and shooting is awful still. It should be semi max in WL at least to even further the skill gap. Also they could make shooting more accurate but removing auto aiming for it. So it shooots where you aim instead of helping you. So if you get it wrong you get it wrong.

    Im not having a go at you here just explaining that once the automation is removed the skill gap increases because now suddenly you yourself make the difference and have to get better at playing simply put. So now you are struggling because you cant rely on abusing 1-2 things by auto passing shooting and defending. Now you got to play more tactical and smarter and with better use of controls.

    I would however suggest that you practice...go and do them. You got to basically learn the mechanics and the timings. I made a post a while ago explaining a bit for the defending:
    Dont mash the tackle button, use it very very rarely. Jockey into them.

    But in conclusion you need to get used to the controls and mechanics. I suggest everyone to go and spend a while doing all the practice things. Even though you think its just basic stuff and i already can do will still get to learn the timing of when to do certain actions and more specific controls.
    DONT choose a gold top player for these trainings. Choose a 3 star rated team full of silvers. That way you will be practising with shitty players who wont hit their shots/passes/tackles as well as gold+ players. This way you will learn even more on when to shoot/pass/tackle etc.
    Choose AIK for the practices they are a full silver squad and sort of perfect choices for the practices i found. It will be tougher getting 'A' that way and it will help you.

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    Either try 1 depth and drop back to start with to help with defending as that helped me alot when first starting fifa 20. I used to be an elite 3 player last year but now im in div 5 and just letting in to many goals because fo defending but thats helped even tho its rly sweaty and anoying to play aginst but it gets me up divs

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