FB Piszczek SBC. Worth it?


FB Piszczek SBC. Worth it?


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    Well yes and no...hehe

    Do you have a bundesliga team and tend to stick with a bundesliga team then it is worth it. Yes it is a bit pricey BUT if you have untradeables then it can be reasonable. If you tend to use him as supersub then he is worth it as long as you can do it cheaply. If you tend to put him with a hybrid using Akanji and one of the dortmund midfielders then 100% do it!
    I had a few 85/85/83 rated and 1 IF all untradeable so i was able to do it under 100k.
    (You can often save a bit of coinage doing these sbc's by getting loyalty on the players, so instead of 80 chem you could build a team with 70 chem and just do the loyalty glitch to submit the SBC and you will have saved coins as you wont need as many players in perfect positions and could add some cheap high rated GK etc)

    I can tell you that his base card is fantastic. His RB card has been a great in early fifa. This upgraded card will be great as you can also use him as a super sub in your 2nd/3rd team. He will also be good for a few months forward. It is good enough upgrade that it will take a few special events for cards to get to this level and beyond.

    How he is in the game? well try his base card and you will see how great he is. He has everything and with engine he was really solid. I did the SBC as he is also one of the players ive liked watching over the years and been consistently really good and one of the better RB's for the past few years.

    The upgrade makes him a monster. As i said he was already solid but with this upgrade and engine chem he becomes fantastic at dribbling and his crossing and passing was already good but becomes better now more clinical and with 4*WF you can pass from anywhere.
    90 sprint speed with engine and he keeps up with anyone. And with the + agility and reactions from engine chem style he is quick to turn and accelerate and it all adds to his overall speed and feels nimble and quick but also really STRONG!
    He is also stronger in defence but his base card was great as well in this area. I feel he is more clinical now and feels more secure with tackling and challenges. The upgrade of physical and defence means you can go with any chem style you want. You can improve his shooting etc if you tend to use him in midfield. He does not need defensive and physical upgrade so you can put a chemstyle like engine and enjoy a more complete card who is great going forward and really solid in defence.

    If you get into shooting opportunity he can shoot. He has 4*WF so you can pass and shoot with either foot. So you can as i said bring him on as a CDM/CM/CAM/RM/LM etc etc. He has it all and is fantastic.

    I urge everyone who has him to give him engine chem...he becomes super dribbler and if you are using RWB tactic then he will shine going forward. I was dribbling past players with such ease even more than what i would do with Götze.
    Seriously great with the dribbling and the 4*WF just makes it better as you can quickly change direction and quickly get the cross or the pass in dangerous areas cutting inside from the wing. He will get many assists for anyone playing with attacking FB's.

    He is a bit overpriced but man if you have untradeables then chuck them into the sbc and complete it. He is a monster!!! Especially if you want to build a strong bundesliga team or a hybrid with bundesliga. He is worth it even though you might feel like spending a bit more than you want to. Thats why i would say if you are not gonna use him as a main player then spending full price to do his SBC is NOT worth it even if he is a great card. If he wont be your main player then obviously you can just save coins and wait for more specials to drop.

    Why i also say he is worth it is because you can really feel the difference over other regular cards. You can really feel that this card is beyond them. You combine this card with Akanji etc and you got a fantastic team that will last for a while.

    You can as i mentioned make a solid hybrid with fantastic links like Akanji/Delaney/Witsel etc. In that regard he is perfect and will fit any top tier squad apart from freakish uber icon teams.

    I highly recommend this FB Piszczek!

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    I'm still getting used to him, I used Mbabu for the majority of the game and the difference I can see is Mbabu has that extra acceleration that even a chem style won't fix for Piszczek but as an overall defender he is great
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