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To start, I think adding this feature was a smart idea. It's not much effort to price the players and it really benefits everyone in the long run. Im not going to pretend that Im familiar your implementation or what you can / cannot do further , and Im making this suggestion purely as a user, but a feature I think could enhance the tool is providing a function where you can be on a specific player card page and opt in to choose that 1 to update. So far Ive only been asked to update high end gold cards. Are there plans to start adding bronze / silver? It just seems that those are the ones I tend to observe that may up be up to a few weeks out of date. I guess thats where I thought it could provide further benefit to your feature if a user could make an update to that card price directly from the players page. Hope that makes sense and regardless, keep up the good work!


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    Understood. Makes sense to work out the bugs before considering feature enhancements. Really appreciate the site and services you provide so if I bring up any future suggestions, I fully understand some of them might be difficult to execute or just not a priority when you have more pressing matters to address.

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    futbinfutbin Posts: 49

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    It's something we will probably add later on when the updater is more complete. However, it won't be available for every FUTBIN user (might be by request\validation).

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    Also, had my 1st player with 0 available on market. From what I can tell you just have to wait for time to expire? Maybe a way to refresh the player or another method to address it when no players are on the market. Let me know if these comments are unnecessary, otherwise I'll continue to provide testing, experience, and feedback. None of which is intended to be criticism : ) but hopefully it provides some value. Thanks!

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