Son? Salah/if Mahrez? sbc future stars De jong?


I have saved around 300k and I am thinking about mixing my team up little bit...
Already have red if Rashford up front with great shooting and pace and 4* weak foot which is really good, and aguero who is by far my best and favorite player and they will 100% stay on the team. My defence is preaty solid and dont think I will cchange anything there, I have Lloris on goal, vvd and Sanchez at cbs and sbc Van Aanholt and Walker at fullbacks.
If Son looks like he can be a beast. He has everything and he is a nightmare when I play against him. I am thinking about using him in a 4-5-1 with aguero on cam positions or in 4-2-3-1 ingame with aguero and salah/if mahrez. Is he that good and is he worth selling few players to buy him at 400k?
Currently I have Salah on my right wing, he is good, he is fast, his finesse is really nice but from the begining i had a dilemma between him and if mahrez. I dont really need 5* skills but that 4* weak foot is tempting and his finesse and dribling are looking great. What are your experiences?
My last dilemma is about recent future stars De Jong sbc. He is 90 rated, very well round player, I would use him on cm or cdm, I could link him with vvd and Van Aanholt for 7 chem or he could be my 1st minute sub. I have a few untradeable red cards including 88 Pique perfect for sbcs and I think i will have to invest maybe 50-60k at the most. Has anyone played with him? Should I get him?

Thanks for any comment or answer on the polls :smile:

  1. If Son for 400k?5 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
  2. Salah or if Mahrez5 votes
    1. Salah
    2. if Mahrez
  3. sbc De Jong?5 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


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    OHiggOHigg Posts: 13
    Inform son is amazing bro. With his 5 star weak foot he bangs goals from all angles. So far I have played 19 games with him and he has scored 34 goals. He doesn’t just make space, he creates it. I feed him with chip through balls from De Bruyne and he finishes about 85% of the chances he gets. From his performances with me (I am a gold 3 player) I can deduct that he is incredibly overpowerd. Good luck in fifa.
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    dodi97dodi97 Posts: 5

    Thanks man, I probably wont be able to resist from buying him, I used him in fifa 18 for like 500 games and he was amazing, just wanted to check before such a large investment for me. I always used him on cam his shooting is just sick and that 5* weak foot is awesome, with hunter on him together with aguero i hope he can get me to elite 3 (I always come short for few wins). Good luck to you too.

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