Icon swaps decision

DB0205DB0205 Posts: 2
Can't choose if I want zanetti for long term but a bit of a boring player or Sanchez/Butragueno as a more exciting goal scoring player
  1. Who should I get11 votes
    1. Zanetti
    2. Hugo Sanchez
    3. Butragueno


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    zanetti is an end game rightback, but butragueno is going to be very good for a while.
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    I think zanetti but even consider Hugo is wrong, compusure matter
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    Markie05Markie05 Posts: 180
    Hugo composure too low for my liking go for butra
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    I’d go for Zanetti. Butragueno is a great player, but Zanetti is an end game card.

    Sanchez shouldn’t even be an option in my opinion. 58 composure is a no go for me. Good luck!
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