Help me build a hybrid squad feat. Messi, De Gea & Chiellini



I've got some untradeable players that I'd like to use, but I've got problems fitting all of them into my squad.

Platform: XBOX ONE

Budget: 1.1 million coins + my untradeables.

Min chemistry: 100

4-2-3-1 (2)
Any 4-3-3
4-4-2 (2)
I'm open to other formations too, but I prefer these.

Players that must be in:
Rui Costa prime (90)
De Gea inform (93)
Chiellini inform (90)
Carloz Tevez flashback (90)
I've got all of them untradeable.

Untradeable players (optional):
De Gea 93 inform
Chiellini 90 inform
Messi normal
Carloz Tevez flachback (90)
Rui Costa prime (90)
Bailly 83 UCL card.
Martial inform (85)
Toni Kroos TOTGS (81)
Also got 87 Matuidi from Futmas.

Look at this squad to see all my untradeable players

I'd like a team with atleast one CDM, built around Messi and Tevez in my attack while also fitting in De Gea and Chiellini.

Thanks in advance


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    ArthurcrackArthurcrack Posts: 56
    edited January 2019
    Hi I have a suggestion for you
    You can swap ballack with any other icon in your budget
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    gnel810gnel810 Posts: 47
    Dybala and Saul swap in-game

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    Arthurcrack and Gnel810 thank you.

    I think Busquets and Saul are not too good though.
    What if I'd bring in Hernan Crespo for hard links to Messi and Tevez, or Fernando Hierro or Puyol for hard links to De Gea? Then I wouldn't have to worry about De Gea and Chiellini chemistry because of an icon. Makes my budget difficult for the rest of the team though.

    Do any of you have a suggestion with either Hernan crespo, Fernando Hierro og Puyol, combined with my untradeables?

    Would love to see some squads with those players!

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    ArthurcrackArthurcrack Posts: 56
    edited January 2019
    Here is a team with Crespo, hierro, Messi, tevez, Costa, matuidi, chiellini and de gea. In my opinion this team is better than the first one and I think that hierro will make you happy because is so good.
    You can play it in 4231 or even in 4222 with Messi and Costa as cam and Crespo and tevez as strikers
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    Arthurcrack that team is crazy!

    Only thing is that there's not really a CDM, but I guess I can just put Matuidi and Fabinho on stay back while attacking and they should act like CDM's right?

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    I think so
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    isaaco7isaaco7 Posts: 96
    Tevez messi
    Rui casemiro
    Dybala FS Arthur
    Alex sandro chiellini bailly Valencia
    De gea switch in game Arthur and casemiro cdms or cm
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    NECBVCNECBVC Posts: 62
    and maybe to 4-1-2-1-2 narrow

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