May i get some help for my team

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Well i'm in trouble finding the perfect squad for me. I have some credits 80k + another potential 50k by selling players.
Here's my actual squad : (players with fidelity must stay in the team)
I'd like to find a way to make fit ndidi IF, nelson semedo and schulz. I'm a 4 2 3 1 player and i like to get 2 strong cdms. And, idk why, but i'm not quite confident with sissokho, he's here to fit with hernandez. I'd prefer my cbs, my cdms and my st (rashford) at 10. If my right and left cam are at 8, it is not a problem. I find roussilon and alexander arnold decent but not impressive as schulz or mbabu for instance.
Here, you got what my dream squad would look in game :
I already have schulz ndidi IF and nelson semedo. I can get rid of lucas moura. You'll be a god if you find the a squad that works rn and works with son as soon as i get him.
Could you guys help me ?
Thanks in advance


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    edit : i packed an untradable US guerreiro which can be useful

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