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I hope admin can make this a sticky. But i thought we can have 1 thread for quick player reviews. Instead of people creating lots of discussions we can keep player reviews in this thread.

Anyone who might have played with a player recently who was great for them. They can come to this thread and make a quick summarization of how they were.
OR if anyone wants to quickly know if a player is any good with your play style and team, then go ahead and request a review and someone hopefully will reply.

How to make a request:

Player Name.
Your formation(s)
Your team
Your playing style

If you wanna make a review then use the same points as above but also mention what chemistry style you had on the player.

I will quickly make one:

Quagliarella! Insane finishing!

I play 5-2-1-2 mostly.

The team i built with Quagliarella and Dzeko(scream) as ST. CAM-Pjanic CM-Pellegrini IF, Matuidi. LWB-Tagliafico CB-Martinez(ajax), De ligt, Akanji. RWB-Piszceck FB
I start with Pjanic as CM and Pellegrini as CAM for chemistry then switch Pjanic to CAM in game.

I play more possession style football and rely on good passing in my team. Long and short. Quick and slow. I can mix it up when needed.
I usually use balanced and i push down the wings with my wingbacks and like to switch sides as i am building attack.

Chemstyle: Engine

Quagliarella i use stay central and balanced. Dzeko in behind.

Quag is amazing, his positioning and run making is brilliant(The timing is great). His finishing is top notch, no lies he is up there with the best when it comes to shooting.
Even though crossing is worse this year, you should cross the ball when you got Quag in the centre.
His volley shooting is amazing and he adds that extra dimension because he connects with so many crosses and even scored a couple of great headers which is surprising.

I used engine for that extra dribbling and ball control. So now you can take quick 1-2 touches in the penalty area to open space to shooot.
You can use Hunter if you want to play more poacher style in behind. I like to build my play and let Quag position himself in and around the penalty area and as soon as he has a bit of space use amazing passing of Pjanic and have a quick shot with Quag.
The partnership of Pjanic and Quagliarella is great. I used them in the previous weeks serie a objective and i could not believe how great they were. Even when playing a more quicker counter style they are perfect.

Lets get the quick reviews going!


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