improvements to the squad. need options in defence mostly-concede a lot of goals in wl

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hey guys,

i have the following squad

the formation is the one in the squad also have untradeable prime nedved and keane. however im conceding a lot of goals in wl. any further suggestions to improve my defensive ability would be appreciated !

have about 150k to spare and also however can be sold for money


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    Cannavaro is quite short, and this can be taken advantage of quite easily because of mismatches on headers. Someone like Sergio Ramos/VVD will beat Cannavaro every time to the ball

    Also, Kolarov is super slow. Try watching the side your opponents break down the most this weekend and if it is your left side I would suggest replacing Kolarov, probably for any version of Alex Sandro you can afford

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    thanks for the improvements...i had alex sandro but felt he was a bit out of place when instructed to stay back. probably because of his workrates. any tips regarding this formation and perhaps the instructions while defending would be useful

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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    Stay back and conservative interceptions

    You may have felt he was out of place because the AI was being a bit aggressive with the interceptions. By playing this, Sandro will stick in a bit more and won't be as free roaming

    I like to have two CDM's in front of my back four and put them on stay back. One on cover wide and one on cover centre. I do this because I have FFS Mendy as my left back and I like to use him to get forward, and when I do this Kante slots in to almost a LB role to cover in case of a counter attack

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