Who is better

Is griezmann or mbappe better at striker


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    Mbappe is such a good striker this year - His pace is amazing, good finisher, and he has just enough physicality.
    Greizmann is better at CAM/CF because of his good passing, dribbling, and shooting, and because he lacks physicality and cannot make up for it with 96 pace unlike Mbappe.

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    Mbappé is a really good striker and griezmann is a really good cam
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    I agree with the people above
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    Mbappe’s shooting is just not as good as Griezmanns...
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    Mbappe for Pace and nice El Croquetas. Will also give you unexpected goals.

    Griezmann for Headers and Longshots - Insane Jumping and Finishing.

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    FranTheManFranTheMan Posts: 2
    edited January 2019
    You schould play Mbappe as a left cam and Griezmann as a central cam or as a right cam in 4231 narrow. Two very different players
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