Ask your questions about trading!

I am a experienced trader which is playing Fut for almost 7 years now. I currently have over 7 mil transfer profit. You can ask questions in the comments and I will give my opinion on it.

Disclaimer: it is your own dicission what you do with my advice.


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    RehaankingRehaanking Posts: 191
    What is the best investment right now?
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    melle0413melle0413 Posts: 68

    How you can get easy coins

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    Dawg11Dawg11 Posts: 2
    Hi, i got 500k, What is now the best way to make the biggest Profit?:)

    Thank you.
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    Are the UCL Rare cards being dropped on to the market? 5 or 6 fresh tradeable Godin cards just staying on the market
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    Mick2201Mick2201 Posts: 2
    When should I sell my team with the tots market crash coming up
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    PowxllPowxll Posts: 1
    Just bought IF KDB, the new one, for 445k. Do you think his price will rise or fall over time? He’s 92 rated so I don’t see it going under 400k
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