Best super sub for 150k

OnlyZenithOnlyZenith Posts: 84
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I am building a new team and want a nice super sub under 150k. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Pepe Headliner is a very cheap for his stats, if you want somone who is better in a central position get podolski flashback and if you like opening packs do the random flashback sbc with some luck you get very good players that maybe could also help you in your main team
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    Ive got boateng from the flashback sbc and don't want to put any more coins into sbcs, do you know any other subs that will be at that price or less at TOTS
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    ZZD12345ZZD12345 Posts: 97
    Ucl motm marega
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    ChrisHKMChrisHKM Posts: 1
    Rebic UEL live Card is a beast for 130k
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    Thanks for all the suggestions I just did the kruse POTM as a sub for my rui Costa, and might try out rebic at TOTS when his price drops
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