What midfield icon sbc should I wait for

I'm really wanting a matthaus, vieira, or gullit but I want something endgame quality. And they have to be able to do it all. What's your guys favorite mid field icon?
  1. Matthaus13 votes
    1. Gullit
    2. Vieira


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    SpoonPLYZSpoonPLYZ Posts: 1
    edited April 2019
    Personally, i'd take vieira because he's way cheaper, but if you're gonna use him as a cam, i'd prefer gullit
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    Mpayne408Mpayne408 Posts: 48
    Well I caved in and got Matthaus locked in as soon as he came out. But now I'm looking at Gullit really. But I will advise all of you guys to wait on these icons until you've seen a lot of the Tots. Matthaus is an animal btw but I think tall players are king this year. And lastly don't spend money on this game. It is easier than ever to earn coins and a Matthaus or Vieira sbc is achievable granted you play rivals and/or fut champs every week. You'll appreciate the cards you earn way more than any other
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    lemonccmlemonccm Posts: 1
    Moment petit + prime Vieira / middle gullit?
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    Gillit looks like he offers everything mate , ballacks been pretty solid for me all year but occasionally feels clunky
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