What to expect from TOTS/Should I do the Eriksen SBC

tyty1994tyty1994 Posts: 23
Alright so I know everybody is saying save coins for tots as it’s starting today, but I’m just kinda wondering what to expect. I don’t really remember the tots promo last year. I’ve played FUT for a few years, but this is the first year that I’ve been fully invested as a daily player. Any ideas on SBC’s and such? Aside from that I have about a million coins to play around with with an already solid team. I was looking into doing the Eriksen SBC For around 300K as the card looks nasty and he’s been consistently one of my favorite FUT players over the last few years. I have about 10 packs saved up and was going to take the four packs from Eriksen as well. Any thoughts?


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    DurjoyDurjoy Posts: 1

    Im not gona lie, you could have 100 packs saved and you still wouldn't pack a TOTS, let alone a walk out. Saving packs has been done by people too often and it never works out. They drastically reduce the odds of walkouts and special cards during promos. In terms of doing Eriksen, the PFA team does not include Eriksen but the TOTS may, and given the number of special cards he has he is likely to get a TOTS. The TOTS however may be really expensive this year as shown by the TOTY prices and shit pack luck. I think you should do it and have fun as it may be another 3 weeks till we get the PREM TOTS and Eriksen if he did get a card would be quite expensive since KDB won't get a card. I would suggest to wait until the last day as by then the announcement for TOTS may be made and prices may crash for a bit as people empty their clubs. Have the 84 and 83 with IFs ready to go and buy the high rated cards last.

    It isn't much help but that is my opinion - I was going to do him but I managed to pick up a KDB Blue for 230k so I didn't need to.

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    tyty1994tyty1994 Posts: 23
    I ended up doing the Eriksen SBC and paired him with IF De Bruyne and let me tell you, fantastic decision. He’s a great all around mid fielder for sure. Ended up opening all of my packs too. Didn’t really get shit out of 20 or so packs per usual. Thanks for the advice!
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