Help,can’t beat my brother

Hey can somebody tell me how to dribble past a opponent team player and how to change direction really fast without losing the ball.


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    ZZD12345ZZD12345 Posts: 97
    Practice using skill moves and pick teams with players with 4 or 5 star skills. Skill moves such as the La Croquetta(lane change) (4 star skills) and even the fake shot which can be done with anyone(including your keeper) are easy to learn and very effective
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    kingmus10kingmus10 Posts: 319
    Players should have good agility and balance
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    Thats all just a question of skills. Your best bet will be to watch some videos on YouTube or visit some websites with tips and tricks for FIFA.

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    L2/LT for quick touches. Try that when changing directions from speed.

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    You should foucs on all sections of the game as fifa 20 guides are very rare. Use any skill that you think might help.

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