I’ve never had a Icon, any tips WHO I should buy for around 800-900k?

In total I have 1.3 million coins but i want to try an icon. I would prefer if he is a st or a CAM! :)


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    I would pick the 86 Henrik Larsson, because he is a complete striker. He has basically everything expect 4*skills: decent height, good weak foot, a godlike shot and surprisingly good dribbling. He even is a bit under your budget.

    However, I think that 92 if suarez is better, but if you really want an icon, go for the swede.
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    Thanks, i’m from Sweden so he is pretty tempting to pickup. Unfortunalty my striker must have 4 star skills. Thanks for the advice but Right now it leaning towards Bergkamp 90 cause he looks amazing!
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    Bergkamp is awful I’ve tried all of his versions, I recommend Cresp 88 or 86 or even Jay Jay Okocha as a CAM
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    MazareMazare Posts: 1
    Mid Lineker ... Amazing in good gameplay!
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