Help me build a team around zlatan



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    You don’t build a team around zlatan.... zlatan builds team around you
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 654
    If you like silvers then you can use some of the Swedish players i put in reserves. Rohden with basic chem is fantastic midfielder, very very good card that. I dont use that defence apart from Lindelöf and Matos. But tested Ake and Gomes and they are really good.

    I have 2 mixes of Swedish players and PAOK.

    There are many variations you can do of course. But it all depends on how good of a player you are. Can you handle silvers and slow players then you can make a great team.

    If you want maybe more full gold team and a bit different but a great team and 4-4-2 variations will work. Vela and Mitrita on 7 and 8 chem. It works. I would go Nani on LM.
    Rodriguez most OP RB there is.

    I took Martinez and Ibra IF but obviously you can get their regular cards. 8 chem martinez will be good. His SBC is too expensive for most.
    You can obviously replace the specials with their regular versions or other players.

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    Thank u so much
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