I'm so tired of through balls ripping me apart tired of feeling my cdms do not exist tired of losing

If balde best
Boateng rijkard
Sandro chiellini manolas 86 cancelo
Totgs hand

Have tried so many tactics and changes yet always same shit

They run around with CMS cdm cam cf st lw rw lm rm the ai gets the ball as I cannot turn backwards pass anywhere because there chasing the ball

AI gets the ball for them on pass it's a counter team just let's them run in behind never marking the runs me trying to cover it but yet I always end up missing the ball or getting pushed out the way

Constant pass pss pass wait for first time or finesse shot

Yet it takes me 20 passes just to get out of my half


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    Try 41212(2)
    Stay back on CDM, LB, RB
    Stay forward on CAM
    Get in behind on 1 of your strikers

    Ronaldo - Best
    Del Piero
    Naingolan - Boateng
    Sandro - Chiellini - Manolas - Cancelo

    With this you have great build up play and balanced defence. GL

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    koenwdkoenwd Posts: 10
    edited January 2019
    Change formation and workrates mate
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    I'm playing 4231
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    > @Cityking said:
    > I'm playing 4231

    With that formation. Go to instructions and make your CDM’s do aggressive intercepts. It’ll get them tired but it worked wonders for me. When playing Just select your CM stay central and cut passing lanes as much as you can. Be patien sometimes the ball comes right back to you.
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