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I have searched for A long time but I couldn’t find it. My question is about holding up in fifa. I love using my right joystick to hold up A ball some times and than move on, but sometimes I see people who can shoot the ball to the ground in stead of in to the air. And after that they just can move on, just like the normal r3. But what controls do I need to do that. If you don’t understand my question, I can try to explain better, but my English isn’t that perfect. I really wanna know, but i’ve no idee how to do that skill. Please help


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    I'm not sure but maybe you mean the low-driven shot? Hold L1+R1 and shoot

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    No, it’s just something while you’re dribbling. Instead of kicking the ball info the air, there is a skill you shoot the ball to the ground and just move on afterwards. It is the oppositie of holding up accually
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    TurnyTurny Posts: 8
    I'm not 100% sure, I've done this by accident. I think you need flair trait and then it's the flair modifier + juggle (L1 + R3)
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    Thanks! I’m going to try it!
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