A good premier league cm

Can someone help me find a good premier league cm


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    Most people in this game like having CDMS, and CAMS, not CMS. This is because cdms are specifically for defending and cutting out attacks and starting them with passing, while cams create chances and are for attack. cms do both but don't do either particularly well, and that's why we always see pros and higher level players using cdms and cams not cms.

    From expensive to cheap:
    CDMS: Kante, Pogba, Fabinho
    CAMS: De Bruyne, Eriksen, Firmino

    (for cams a lot of players use wingers who are good at dribbling and passing, such as Hazard and Mahrez)

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    LJA777LJA777 Posts: 1
    Can’t go wrong with De Bryne, H/H he’s is box to box and clinical
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    Pogba,Kante,ffs guendouzi cheap option is fabinho
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    From cheap to expensive I would advide you: Ross Barkley, Fabinho, Fimino, Pogba

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