Everything’s gone wrong.. urgent help needed.

So here we go, I was an average to good player holding my own in div 3/4 and an silver 1- gold 3 weekend league player.
That’s all a distant memory this week, I seem to be getting d****d, every game. Played 2 in the weekend league and haven’t scored.
I need some help boys, I’ve rage sold the majority.
So this is who I have left...

Platform: XBOX One
Budget: 1,026,000
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: Any that will just get me a goal ?
Players that must be in: recommendations.
Untradeable players (optional): FLAshback: Ibra, Casillas.
Futmas: boateng, Zakaria, alli, lukaku, arias.
Prime icons: Campbell, Keane, shevchenko.
Potm: Sterling.
Future stars: Gomez, Mendy.
Scream: koke, schweinstiger.
TOTY: David’s Silva.

Thanks for your help guys.


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    I had the exact same problem a few weekends ago. The solution, hear me out, was the 3-1-4-2. With the coins and players you have you can make an extremely solid defensive line. Start with your flashback casillas in goal, with your gomez and Campbell at centreback. Right centreback, Get Eder militao future star. Potm sterling left mid, toty Silva at left cm, inform Fabinho at cdm, roy keane right cm, 86 inform pepe at right mid, shevchenko at left striker and future star rafael leao at right striker. Everyone is on full chemistry. You only have to buy 4 players.
    All prices are rough estimates at time of making
    Sif Pepe-45k
    Any version of Fabinho you want
    Hope this helps!
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    Cheers for the reply mate, I don’t know if I’m comfortable going three at the back, don’t think I’m good enough defensively.
    How have you coped?
    Any stand out players in your team?
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    I use flashback ibra and player of the year Martinez up front, they play great. My defensive line is benatia, skriniar, and manolas. I concede less with 3 in the back than with 4. Your defensive options are miles better than mine so no doubt you’ll be able to shut down an oppositions attack
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    I couldn’t imagine playing with fullbacks anymore after making the switch it really did pan out for me
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