20k to invest

I have 20k coins and looking to make money throug investing. Any help?


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    He’s right 20k is nothing
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    20.000 is not enough to invest in anything at this stage of the game
    Did u do the advanced Sbcs ?
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    I mean just the advanced sbc will grant u at least 100k profit if not more
    Easy to do just go on youtube Ellyt fifa has tutorials all u have to do is copy what he does
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    Need somone for the fut swap item friendly games on ps4
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    I maybe help you later ? What country you in ?
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    I also need someone for the friendly games...luis7799 (PS4)

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    If you want to make quick profit, i can recommend you to check out FutGamer, where you can bet on real sport events with fifa coins, or open packs on the site that are way better than the packs on fifa.
    Here's the link if you want to try it out: https://futgamer.com/?r=1122449
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