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  • @SuperDodosXx1468 said: hello can you tell me how can I upload a pic on the zones cus it won't let me It always fails just post your squad link from futbin or upload an image to imgur and post the imgur link
  • @Simo0776 said: https://www.futbin.com//21/squad/8603483 1st one https://www.futbin.com//21/squad/8603557 2 thx bro
  • The squad ain't really the biggest problem usually. Try looking up on youtube "NealGuides". He has some tactics and tips'n'tricks that might come handy.
  • Platform: PC Budget: around 650000 Min chemistry: 100 Formation: I will probably play 4231 or 41212 Players that must be in: 89 Sanchez, 84 Diego Carlos Untradeable players (optional): 89 Sanchez, 84 Diego Carlos, 87 Politano, Griezmann, 86 Var…
  • -platform/console: PC -your budget: 110K -any players that you want in the squad: Juan Jesus, Pogba and as many untradeables as you can fit( -league or nation you want the team to be based on: Any -formation: I'll play 4231 or 433 flat -chemist…
  • https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/6156948 you can put whoever you want on the left. If you dont like it or want something else tell me and I'll try to get another squad done for you
  • Ederson, Mendy, Mahrez, Somebody else instead of Dembele
  • You should try to change Firmino with someone more clinical as he is more of a CAM/CM
  • @ZeefuikDeWalvis said: https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/5718501 ??????????????????????????????? you have 5 attacking players which from them only alli could play defensively
  • I'm on PC and I don't play FIFA regularly, but thanks anyway for the idea.
  • I need two more players so that I can complete my squad. Who should I put on RF and CM so everyone is the team is on full chem? I have a budget of 60 k for the 2 spots. https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/5482447 https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/5482447 …
  • Console/Platform: PC Budget: ~100K Minimum Chemistry: 100 Formation: Any Players needed in the squad: 86 Joelinton Untradeable players: (So they wont be included in the budget) : Joelinton Other comments:(If you would like a hybrid, skillers, …
  • @FUTSquadGuy said: If you can stretch to 138k this could be an effective squad, if you would like any more help with squads follow me on Twitter @FUTBuildaSquad ? thank you a lot